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Lia Halsall

Lia Halsall - Figure Athlete

Today I launched the official Lindy Olsen Fan Page on facebook. One of the lovely forum members thought of the idea and I bought it to life. Lindy just loves it and couldn't be happier with it, mission accomplished!

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Naomi Gibbins

Naomi GibbinsI was so humbled tonight by a post I read from when we went to the World Titles with the ANB aussie team,  words cannot describe the way the lovely Naomi put her thoughts into words...

Naomi Gibbins - Figure Athlete

Fitness Universe Weekend - Miami Florida 2008

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  1. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Thanks so much for your post Carly, is lovely to have met you all. :)

    --Lindy Olsen

  2. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    I was intrigued by Loretta's endorsement of Lindy on Facebook. Upon further exploration I found that...


  3. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Loretta's post made my day! She is such a beautiful lady and is a wonderful example of a true champion...

    --Lindy Olsen