Lindy Olsen - 5 x World Figure Champion, Health and Fitness Ambassador and Fitness Model Australia

Since embracing a healthy and active lifestyle approximately 7 years ago when Lindy first started training, her life has changed remarkably and she continues to meet really incredible people everywhere. She enjoys travelling across the country nationally and internationally, and feels very blessed and fortunate to be able to do what she enjoys; staying fit, encouraging others, and sharing what she has learned.

Lindy Olsen is originally from Queensland, Australia and was born and raised in a small town called Gympie. After moving to Melbourne 8 years ago, Lindy transformed her figure from a plus size 14, to competition weight in 5 ½ months, dropping 25kilo in the process.  Not only did she come away with a win at her first ever natural competition, she topped it off by taking out the overall crown from the defending champion.  In July of 2004 she followed up with another fantastic year by winning the All Female Muscle & Fitness Classic for the OPEN Figure Tall Class.  This was a real achievement for Lindy, especially after training for only 1 year.  She competed against other experienced competitors, some of whom had been training in excess of 8 years.

Along with softball and track/athletics in high school, Lindy competed in many events including cross-country and high jump.  Competitive softball and netball soon became her focus and she was regularly selected for representative sport.  After graduation, Lindy worked with her dad in his menswear shop and also did promotional work for the local council, waitressed, and competed in surf lifesaving meets!

In 1998 Lindy started lifting weights with a Personal Trainer for a short time to improve her strength. This initial introduction to a healthy lifestyle was instrumental in shaping her mind, body and soul and even though she did not compete, the side effects of this positive attitude and fitness training prepared her for what was to come.  Without such a positive introduction to fitness and the benefits of weight training, Lindy would not have made the transition to competition so easily.  Soon afterwards, she stopped training to further her studies in law and eventually moved to Melbourne.

Up until April of 2003, Lindy was relatively lazy and a comfortable size 14 and was definitely not motivated AT ALL to keep fit.  That is until she went for dinner with some friends one night who convinced her to go to the gym while her husband was away working.  Surprisingly, after years of hating the gym, once Lindy saw her body transforming before her eyes, she continued her program and was asked to compete after only 2 months of training.  After competing in October for the first time in 2003, no-one could have prepared her for what was to come!!  She was hooked…!!

How life has changed in only five short years.  Lindy now has a fully operational website complete with exclusive members area.  The membership section ( continues to grow at a rapid rate and now includes a fully functional menu planner which provides users with many different options for healthy eating and includes recipes that Lindy has specifically modified for her personal “Get going and get gorgeous” program “BodyTune” which encompasses fitness workshops and lifestyle coaching clinics.   Lindy also has her own online community which helps support women struggling with weight and body image issues and donates her time daily to those in need.



In the last eight years Lindy has participated in many competitions, and has had outstanding results.  Lindy has just returned home from her most recent trip to the USA where she competed in two internationally sanctioned events (FAME/WNSO World Titles in Las Vegas, Nevada and the PNBA Universe).  To cap of a whirlwind trip, Lindy now boasts another 2 World Titles to her list of achievements (That makes it 5) at her first ever pro debut!

Lindy was awarded her pro card in 2007, after winning 3 amatuer World Titles.  Recieving her pro card was an honour for Lindy and was the first of it’s kind awarded to a natural figure competitor in Australia.

Official sponsors/appointments

Oxygen Magazine Australia - Editor in Chief (commenced April 2009)
Ultrafit Magazine Workout Editor (commenced Jan 2008)
Womens Fitness Magazine (Contributor)
Musashi Performance Nutrition – Ambassador
Under Armour – Ambassador
Elite Fitness Equipment – Sponsored Athlete
Bare to Bronze Beauty, Tanning and Waxing Salon – Sponsored Athlete
Prepared to Win - Sponsored Athlete
Trimax Solutions Web Design - Website Development

Competition History

USA World WNSO/Fame Natural Championships - November 2010
Professional Natural Figure – Winner
Professional Muscle Model – Winner
USA World WNSO/Fame Hollywood Championships - September 2007
Miss Figure Open – Winner (obtained professional status)
Miss Muscle Model – Winner (obtained professional status)
USA INBA International Flex Appeal All Female Championships - September 2007

Miss Figure Open – Winner
WFFCommonwealth Titles 2006 - March 2006

Second place
WFF International Universe 2005 (Germany) - June 2005

Fourth place
WFF Southern Hemisphere 2005 - May 2005

Ms Athletic Class 1 – Winner
WFF Victorian Figure Titles - May 2005

Ms Figure Class 1 – Winner
INBA VIC Titles  (first comp) - October 2003

Ms Open Figure Tall – Winner
Overall Winner Figure Champion
INBA Australia Natural Physique Championships - October 2003

INBA World Championships - October 2003

Second place    
INBA NZ Olympia - November 2003
INBA World All Female Muscle and Fitness Classic - July 2004

Ms Open Figure Tall – Winner
WFF Victorian Championships - May 2005

Ms Athletic Class 1 – Winner

Since starting training only 8 years ago, I have been featured in the following Health and Fitness Magazines and have had numerous articles written on my success, I have also appeared in 2 documentaries still being viewed on SBS television and also feature on several hundred health and fitness websites nationally and internationally:-

Documentary/TV appearances
SBS Documentary “Godfather of Bodies”
Chanel 9 “Bread TV” Want to be a body shaper?
Channel 31 “Do you have what it takes” (George Negus)
Fox Sports – Interview for Puma Lap – October 2006
Motivational Speaking Engagement – Nestle Performance Nutrition – November 2006

Berts Family Fued – Celebrity bodybuilding challenge for cystic fibrosis – March 2007
Brisbane Extra – Special on personal trainers and fitness equipment – Interview April 2007

Radio Interviews/Host

SEN (Sports Entertainment Network) - Talk back radio – Special guest - feature (45 min total) Feb 2006
Light FM – Melbourne Talk back radio – Morning Show with Craig Harper (3hrs) 2008
Triple RRR - Melbourne - The Breakfasters - Morning Show, Featured Expert 2010

Magazine Front Cover/Features

1.     Australian Ironman (front cover and 5 page article) 2004
2.     Australian Ironman “A Rising Star” 2004
3.     Womens Fitness “Hot Aussie Bodies” 2005
4.     Muscle & Fitness/Flex “Beneath the layers beholds a being of beauty” 2006
5.     Melbourne Magazine “Body of Work” 2005
6.     Musashi Website – Team Musashi
7.     Elite Fitness – “Ask The Expert Fitness Competition” August, October, December 2006
8.     Melbourne Football Club – SLM for Summer Fitness program – September 2007
9.     Musashi – Radio Commercial – Listen (requires internet connection)
10.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Front Cover – Best selling issue to date – January 2007
11.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Feature “Creating a Life you Love” January 2007
12.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Contributor including workout editorial, 9 issues and counting – 2007
13.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Front Cover – highest selling issue to date – August 2007
14.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Feature Article “So you want to compete?” August 2007
15.  Australian Hardcore Muscle Mag – Feature article “Lindy Olsen World Champion” – November 2007
16.  Australian Ironman – Feature “Olsen Makes Impact” – November 2007
17.  Ultra Fit Magazine – Feature “A Day in the Life, it’s not all glamour” – January 2008
18.  Australian Ironman – “Figure Sensation Lindy Olsen comes home with the gold” – November 2008
19. Oxygen Magazine - Front Cover - Issue#35 - May 2009



Lindy feels very privileged to be an ambassador for the following companies and regularly engages in promotional opportunities to promote herself and her sponsors wherever possible:-

Musashi Performance Nutrition
Under Armour compression wear
Bare to Bronze Beauty, Tanning and Waxing Salon
Trimax Solutions Web Design
Style on Stage - Jo Rogers
Prepared2Win - Jon Davie

Lindy is a real life role model who continues to enjoy sharing her enthusiasm, experience and passion for health and fitness with others and engages in community fundraising events whenever the opportunity arises.