Forever Grateful!

There are so many people to thank!  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for helping make my dreams seem possible!  I cannot tell you how blessed I feel that I have been able to lose 25kg and live a life that I truly love!  Thanks for believing in me and helping me to follow my heart!  It is because of you, that I am able to keep my dream ALIVE!

I’m no different to any other person, I’m not special or lucky, I just have a dream that I won't let go of....  

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Musashi SLM Labels "ReLaunch" October 2008

Ceiling Poster

National Advertising Campaign "Under Armour" Performance Clothing 2008

Ultra Fit Cover #106

Musashi - Trusted Performance Nutrition (Advertisement)


Ultra Fit Cover #106 - 2008

Musashi Advertisement - 
2006 - 2008

Ultra Fit Cover #101 - 2007

 Herald Sun - Locker Room







 BodyLine Calendar 2006


Ultra Fit Article - Body Workout..."So You Want to Compete" 2007

KingClubmag kclublindy_1.jpg

King Club Newsletter - Winter 2006

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Muscle & Fitness - Page 116


 Muscle & Fitness Pg 141 - 144

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Wow, it was so awesome to be on the front cover!

Women's Fitness
Hot Aussie

pg 51 - 52

Team Musashi

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Australian Ironman - pg 80-84


 INBA Event Poster

Elite Promotion 

Elite Promotion 

Lorna Jane Promotion 

Sun Temple Promotion 





 Herald Sun

Herald Sun 

Herald Sun

 Herald Sun





 Gympie Times

Gympie Times 

Gympie Times

Gympie Times/Herald Sun