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    How do I get on the paid blog??


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    Hey Abigail,This blog is part of a members only package for Lindy's website members, so unless you have...


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    I am trying to access the competition blog but it keeps saying "Access Denied."Can someone help me?Thanks...


  4. Re: Baby Got Booty!

    You got booty


  5. Re: Look what I found!

    You look awsome! I love these outfits...oh no, now there's another store to tempt me! :-D


  6. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Thank you Lindy for this post! For many years, I have been interested in becoming a sponsored figure...


  7. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Exactly babe! Couldn't agree more!

    --Lindy Olsen

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    Wow Lindy, I agree to this one most. There are a lot of things that can be of the great gap to those...

    --resume writing

  9. Re: Look what I found!


    --Lindy Olsen

  10. Re: Look what I found!

    You have found useful ideas and thanks for share with us..

    --NYC Personal Trainer

No Glitz, No Glam - Just plain Lindy!

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12 Weeks and counting!

After competing so many times, I am starting to get a little nervous at this point.  My body hasn't been playing ball with me lately and my skins have stalled a little. :(  However, i'm not one to give up, so i am just doing everything that i can 100% and that's all i can ask.

Now that i'm not travelling from now until November (when we go to the USA) I'm hoping that my routine will help my body understand who is boss!!! lol...

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Yes, I am officially BLONDE!

I did something incredibly stuipid tonight and accidently deleted my entire blog and it's gone forever!

Sure, I could get the IT boys to do a backup of it all, but you know what, it will just cost me more $$ so i have to start all over again! :(

oh well, onwards and upwards I say!


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Lindy Signs 2yr Deal!

Muashi SLM Campaign

World Natural Figure Champion Lindy Olsen has just signed a multi-year year deal for an  undisclosed sum with Musashi Trusted Performace Nutrition, her manager said yesterday.  The deal comprises of both cash and product and Musashi are delighted to have someone like Lindy as one of their ambassadors.

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