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    How do I get on the paid blog??


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    Hey Abigail,This blog is part of a members only package for Lindy's website members, so unless you have...


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    I am trying to access the competition blog but it keeps saying "Access Denied."Can someone help me?Thanks...


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    You got booty


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    You look awsome! I love these outfits...oh no, now there's another store to tempt me! :-D


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    Thank you Lindy for this post! For many years, I have been interested in becoming a sponsored figure...


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    Exactly babe! Couldn't agree more!

    --Lindy Olsen

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    Wow Lindy, I agree to this one most. There are a lot of things that can be of the great gap to those...

    --resume writing

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    --Lindy Olsen

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    You have found useful ideas and thanks for share with us..

    --NYC Personal Trainer

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ANB World Title Wrapup...

ANB - New World Order (published first at

A new world order has been born today in Las Vegas with the total domination of the FAME World Championships by the ANB World Discovery Team 2010. Our last tour produced two World Champions and some minor placings, but that record has been smashed to smithereens this time with the creation of five (5) World Champions and two (2) minor placegetters.

Without doubt, today is the finest moment in all Australian history of bodybuilding, all federations, period!!!

Never before has a team so totally destroyed the best the world has to offer and we did it on their ground, their rules and against the finest line ups ever seen in a drug free environment.

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