Belinda Potter


The lowdown on Belinda Potter

Your Name:  Belinda Potter
Nickname:  Bel
Birthday  Month:  October
Hometown:   Sunny Brisvegas

Your Hobbies:   Other than training… I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying to create healthy recipes as well as hitting the cinemas with my husband which we do almost on a weekly basis. Love those choc-tops!

Sport:  Figure

When did you start in your sport?:  I started training with varying degrees of intensity and commitment from my middle teens; however, it was not until my early 20s that I really began to train consistently with weights and competed in my first competition almost 10 years ago.

Awards/Titles:  2008 IFBB Australasian Championships 1st Place – Tall Class Open (selected for the Arnold Classic), 2006 NABBA Australian Championships 1st Place – Class One Figure, 2006 NABBA Queensland Championships 1st Place – Class One Figure and Overall Figure Champion, 2002 ANB Australian Championships 2nd Place – Tall Class Figure, ANB Sydney Championships 1st Place – Tall Class Figure and Overall Figure Champion, ANB 1999 NSW State Title 2nd Place – Women’s over 52kg Physique. 

Most memorable moment: Winning the Australasian Titles most recently and being selected to represent Australia at the Arnold Classic (Amateur division) in March 2009. I am really excited! My husband was very sweet and was actually more nervous than I was... it is great to have so much support. 

What do you enjoy about your sport?:  I love the challenge of competing in figure and am constantly amazed at what people are capable of achieving when they are truly driven to accomplish a goal – we become unstoppable! Every time that I compete, I find out something new about myself but what I love most is sharing the experience with other fit and fabulous girls who have similar interests and goals to me. We rock and are brilliant ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle :o)

What are your future goals in your sport?:  Where do I start?! I would love to keep competing and see what opportunities present themselves. I am currently completing my PT Certification through HPC and hope to share my knowledge and passion with others, not just competitors but anyone looking to follow a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


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Sponsors:  My husband… but I am looking for others!