Fern Ponturiero

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Miss Tank



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What are your hobbies

No real hobbies, i consider the sport a hobby!


Physique BodyBuilding

When did you start competing?

October 2004


2004 - 3rd place - INBA ACT Titles 2005 - 3rd place - ANB Syd Titles 2007 - 2nd place - WNBF Sydney 2007 - 1st place - INBA Sydney 2008 - 1st place - ANB Central Coast 2008 - 1st place - ANB Australian Titles u/52kg's!!

Most Memorable Moment

I have had SO many memorable moments that I cannot pin point one! MUST SAY - I feel blessed to have the friends i have in my life, they make my memorable moments x

What do you love about your sport?

Where do i start with this one! First and foremost - the network of people i have met through this sport! Secondly - learning how my body works, Thirdly - learnt to NEVER judge others....

What do you hope to achieve from your sport?

I hope to achieve IMPROVEMENT! There is no point getting on stage without being able to show improvement...not only to the judges, crowd, but MOST importantly for myself!!!

A little bit about yourself and who you would like to thank?

WOOHOO i get to talk about myself!!! Promise to keep this short! I'm grew up on a farm in a small country town. I was never a sporty child, in fact i was opposite! I fell into aerobics when i left school - i loved it! so much so - i taught aerobics for a fair few years and then completed my Cert 3 in PT. I became a bit selfish and gave away aerobics and decided to lift weights a bit more seriously in 2004 and have never looked back since! My body responded un-real to lifting weights!!!! I moved to Sydney in 2004 and have not looked back since!!! I have learnt SO much from this sport, not only about the sport, but about other people's experiences, and more importantly i've learnt what i am capable of....and that is anything!!!!!! I love meeting people - it's my bread and butter - truly love being around positive, vibrant, energetic types who enjoy a coffee, a wine, and good food - life couldnt get any better than that!

SO me in a nutshell - (i think i've said this somewhere before...) I KEEP MY FEET PLANTED ON THE GROUND, BUT MY EYES ARE ALWAYS SET ON THE SKIES AND STARS

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