Kerryn Woods

Your Name:  Kerryn Woods

Nickname:  Kek

Birthday Month:  December

Hometown:    Melbourne

Your Hobbies:  All things fitness-related, inventing new healthy recipes (and eating them!), photography when I get the chance.

Sport:  I’ve dabbled in short-distance runs and a few cycling events, but my new venture is as a rank beginner in figure competing. My first ever competition is coming up in October 2008!

When did you start in your sport?:  I transformed myself from a size 18 to a size 10 in 2003-04, and in the process was bitten hard by the fitness bug. I became a personal trainer, started my own business, and in between helping others to achieve their goals, have been refining my physique and doing a bit of running and cycling ever since. 2008 is the year to get serious and put all this training to good use!

Awards/Titles:  Body for LIFE Australian Champion (women 40-49) 2004.

Most memorable moment:  There have been so many. One that stands out for me is the day that I ran my first ever 5km fun run, and for the first time in my life felt that I actually belonged amongst all those fit people.

What do you enjoy about your sport?:  I love the health benefits my training has given me. I also get a giggle out of the shocked looks on some of the guys’ faces at the gym when this petite “middle-aged” lady loads up a bar and lifts more than she weighs. J

What are your future goals in your sport?:  At this point, getting through my first competition with my sanity intact! I wouldn’t mind doing a distance bike event in the not-too-distant future. Whatever I decide to do, I intend to show people that age is no barrier to achieving sport and fitness goals.




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