Kim Dowling


Kim's Story

Tell us about yourself!:

Compassionate, determined, love joking around & making people laugh! I love reaching people in an emotional way, even total strangers (yes it has happened) it nice to know people can feel they can rely on you. I wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes showing my vulnerable side a little too much.I love getting emotional about music, it takes me to another place, I love getting goosebumps when I hear something that means heaps to me. I love meeting people who give me goosebumps.  Also can be way to over enthusiastic about things, not really a bad thing though! I  put my mind to something & I will do it, maybe an over achiever? I am hoping to reach the Mummy market & let mums know that they CAN achieve their goals after kids, chicks can do anything!  We only get one crack at this so why not go for it!

How did you hear about us?:

UFM magazine, read about Lindy & how to get started in competing & was totally hooked. Love reading about her & her achievements, totally inspiring person who I would truly love to meet on day!


Spending time with my beautiful family. Watching my son play sport, singing with my daughter. Having time out with my husband!
Listening to really cool music & getting totally lost. Hanging out with friends, not much time for anything else!


Fitness Boxing, Weight Training

When did you start competing?

Have not yet competed. Will do my first comp this year, OMG!!


Changing my career into fitness, have not looked back. Thinking about starting my own business & had it up & running in 4 months and so far still going!! 

Most Memorable Moment:

Marrying my gorgeous husband. Giving birth to my 2 beautiful children. Going to Alaska-the last frontier...

What do you love about your sport?

I enjoy seeing my students get into fitness boxing, totally letting themselves go (in a controlled environment of course) I love it when I see them really push themselves, very satisfying. Weight training is a very personal sport, totally self indulgent. No one can do it for you, it is totally up to you! It takes you to another place in your body & spirit...

What do you hope to achieve from your sport?:

I am aiming for the top 3 in my first comp, hey why not reach for the stars! To go in this comp & make it there will be the ultimate personal achievement for me. The challenge of seeing what my body can do & the mental journey along the way will be an amazing ride...!