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What are your hobbies

Apart from training and building on my physique I assist with any chance I get to help my husband with his Dragbike Racing Team


JAmateur Figure Competitor is my one and only sport, not much time for any others

When did you start competing?

October 2006 was my first Figure Competition.


2009 IFBB/ELITE BODYBUILDING & FIGURE CHAMPIONSHIPS Short Class 4th place 2008 WNSO/FAME World Advanced/ Elite Figure 2nd place 2008 WNSO/FAME World Muscle Model 2007 WNSO/ANB Australian Championships 6th place 2007 WNSO/ANB Newcastle Northern Classic 1st place 2007 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere 4th place 2006 WNSO/ANB North Queensland 3rd place

Most Memorable Moment

Most memorable moment in this sport would have to be where I returned from Toronto, Canada and bringing home 2nd Place at the WNSO WORLD FAME ADVANCED/ELITE FIGURE CATEGORY. My dream of competing overseas had been full filled and it was such an awesome experience I will never forget. Apart from being disappointed that my Husband could not be there to share it with me I ended up forming some great friendships and had the support of my beautiful Mother there to cheer me on.

What do you love about your sport?

I love to work out as to way my body feels afterwards and I believe it helps my self confidence. Dedication/100% commitment and consistency to this sport has changed my life, and not just my physical appearance. It blows me away to see the results show through after hard dieting and extreme training. Although I don’t entirely enjoy the physique I adorn during the Off Season but however I endeavour to keep my body fat and body weight at an acceptable level this year by becoming smarter with food choices and learning more about my body.

What do you hope to achieve from your sport?

To dream big and visualize my success of one day earning an ANB Australian Figure Title.

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