Tara Suomalainen

Your Name:  Tara Suomalainen        
Nickname:  Taz
Birthday  Month:  November
Hometown:    Noosa
Your Hobbies:  Gym, Reading, going to the beach, listening to music
Sport:  Figure Competing
When did you start in your sport?:  2007
Awards/Titles:  None yet.  Will hopefully change this in September this year.
Most memorable moment:   Getting on stage for my first comp.  It was so exhilarating, especially since I had come down from 110kgs.
What do you enjoy about your sport?:  I love getting my body into the best possible shape it can be in.  I love training to improve what I have so that every time I step on stage I will always be in better shape than before. 
What are your future goals in your sport?:  I would love to place high enough to get into the Nationals.
Email:  tara_pt@optusnet.com.au
Sponsors:  none as yet….. open to offers ;o)