Tiarna Heath

Tiarna Heath  Tiarna Heath  Tiarna Heath  Tiarna Heath

About Tiarna

First Name Tiarna
 Last Name Heath
Nick Name  Narne
Birthday  26 February
Home Town Moffat Beach
What are your hobbies I love Horse Riding although I do not get to do it much lately, training..... of course. Spending time at the beach. Oh, watching my husband play with our two girls, yep that one tops the list!
Sport Figure Competitior
When did you start competing? Sept, 2009
Achievements/Titles 4th place Novice Tall
Most Memorable Moment Well I have heaps, but in relation to competing it was walking off the stage to find my husband waiting for me, he had the same look on his face as the day we got married.awwwwww :)
What do you love about your sport? When you think you can"t do it, something inside tells you you can. Its a mental tug of war. 
What do you hope to achieve from your sport? I mean I would love to win, of course but just to keep getting better that would do it too.
Web Site  
Region Queensland
Country Australia
Tell us a bit about yourself! Im a 27 year old mother of two, I study full time at the University of the Sunshine Coast (nursing) My husband Brad is a paramedic, I competed in my first figure compitition this year and placed 4th. I was particularly happy with this outcome as i did it all 100% myself. I would really like to compete again next year, but this time with a trainer!!
Email Address tfbrheath@bigpond.com