Tim Martin

Tim Martin

Your Name:  TIM MARTIN
Nickname:  (too many to list) 

Birthday  Month: December 30th

Hometown:  Melbourne

Your Hobbies: 
Motorsport, performance cars, Music,
travel, spending time with my puppy Georgie 

Natural Body Building
When did you start in your sport?: 
I started training in '96, started competing in bodybuilding in 2002.


- 1st Mr. Olympia c3, 2006 INBA Natural Olympia
- 1st Mr. Australia c3, 3rd Overall 2006 INBA Australian 
- 4th U/90kg Men's, 2006 IFBB Victorian Titles 


- 2nd U/90kg, 2005 IFBB Victorian Championships
- 2nd Mr. Australia Tall, 2005 INBA Australian Titles
- Best Poser, 2005 Musclemania Australia Titles


- NHW World Champion, 2004 Musclemania Worlds
- 1st Mr. Australia Med/Tall, 2004 INBA Australian Titles
- 1st Silver Class, 2004 Musclemania Australian Titles
- 2nd Open Med/Tall, 2004 INBA Natural Olympia
- 2nd Invitational Gold Division 2004 INBA ACT State Titles 


- 1st Intermediate & Overall Champion, 2003 INBA N.S.W Country State Titles
- 2nd Intermediate, 2003 INBA Australian Titles 
- 3rd Open Men's, 2003 INBA A.C.T State Titles 
- 3rd Open Med/Tall, 2003 INBA Olympia

- 1st Novice, 3rd Overall, 2002 INBA A.C.T State Titles

Most memorable moment: Getting married to my beautiful wife Terri in December of last year. My INBA Natural Olympia win in '06

What do you enjoy about your sport?:   The training and journey dieting to get to the final stage of competing. Hopefully getting results. People you meet along the way. Travelling overseas to compete.  Pigging out on anything and everything after 5months of dieting.
What are your future goals in your sport?: I hope to gain the Overall INBA Mr Australia and then turn Pro Natural. Win a weight class within the IFBB.
Email:     tim.martin@police.vic.gov.au 

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