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  1. Re: 12 Weeks and counting!

    Honestly speaking I believe in one thing if we decide to do something then nobody can stop us from this...

    --Michelle Alford

  2. Re: My advice for cravings!

    Personally, I am not in the favor of energy drinks. I think we must go for natural products like fruits...

    --Maryann Ford

  3. Re: ANB Victoria - Discounts Available - May 28th 2011

    Blog has been bifurcated for the success and triumph of the people. All the things have been ensured...

    --Audrey D Bourg

  4. Re: Lindy Signs 2yr Deal!

    Every day’s b blog is devoid of the variety and kinds of products for the people. However, the importance...

    --Minnie G .Hance

  5. Re: Fat Loss Stack

    Fat lose is becoming more difficult in this busy life. Especially, who worked hard while sitting in the...

    --Dylan Davitt

  6. Re: Baby Got Booty!

    You have made a very good plan to make everyone feel comfortable while doing exercise, and struggling...

    --Kevin Hart

  7. Re: Baby Got Booty!

    You have made a very good plan to make everyone feel comfortable while doing exercise, and struggling...

    --Kevin Hart

  8. Re: What does the Oxygen girl stand for to you?

    I believe that the more stamina I have, the more work I can do. Such techniques are very good to increase...

    --Adelman Jennie


    You have been an inspiration for me. I am also trying my best to lose the weight and look more fit than...

    --Sonya Ross


    For this person to make sure they best slimming belt were in the ideal ‘fat-burning’ zone, they would...

    --BobbyM BobbynM

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The power of words...

 I recently read a post about someone who worked hard to get into shape and was then told she looked like a cancer patient. She was upset to the point of tears. 

Carbs are not the devil!

Question: I’ve been told to restrict carbs from my diet so that I can lose weight, as I have a function that I would like to go to and I’d like to be looking my best. What are your thoughts on cutting carbs?

Do I need to cut carbs?

I get asked this question all the time and it's one of the biggest misconceptions on the planet!

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Getting Your Groove Back!

There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about how to motivate myself to keep fit and
stay positive about each and every day! Especially working the crazy hours I do and jam packing everything I can into the course of a day!!

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lindy olsen, fitness model

I often hear people say how easy others have it. “I’d love to have her life,” they say. “She just gets to keep fit, travel and do photo shoots.”

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Finding time for YOU!

Do you ever sit back and think, “if only I had time to do that”?  Chances are you find yourself wishing you could take time out, go away for a few days, or hide away somewhere quiet so you could just get a minute to yourself! Well guess what, you’re most likely not the only one and I’m sure there are many of us who have these kinds of thoughts on a regular basis. 

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TOP Workshop Sports Model Edition

Jo Rogers and I are very excited to be running another TOP Workshop Sports Model Edition at Dallas Olsen Studios in Southport, QLD.

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Get the Edge Workshop - Southport QLD

Who will I be seeing at the next Get the Edge Workshop in Sunny QLD?

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Rule #7 - Move more!

lindy olsen, fitness modelTry to get yourself moving each day for a minimum of 30-45 minutes before your day begins.

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My 7 Rules for Success

Check out my 7 Rules for Success - I LIVE by these rules and they keep me in great shape ALL year round without feeling deprived or going insane.

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