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    You have been an inspiration for me. I am also trying my best to lose the weight and look more fit than...

    --Sonya Ross


    For this person to make sure they best slimming belt were in the ideal ‘fat-burning’ zone, they would...

    --BobbyM BobbynM

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    How do I get on the paid blog??


  4. Re: So you want to compete?

    Hey Abigail,This blog is part of a members only package for Lindy's website members, so unless you have...


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    I am trying to access the competition blog but it keeps saying "Access Denied."Can someone help me?Thanks...


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    You got booty


  7. Re: Look what I found!

    You look awsome! I love these outfits...oh no, now there's another store to tempt me! :-D


  8. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Thank you Lindy for this post! For many years, I have been interested in becoming a sponsored figure...


  9. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Exactly babe! Couldn't agree more!

    --Lindy Olsen

  10. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Wow Lindy, I agree to this one most. There are a lot of things that can be of the great gap to those...

    --resume writing

No Glitz, No Glam - Just plain Lindy!

Category: Reflections

My personal reflection .... what life is like living your dream, without the glitz and glam!

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Who do you want to be?

It’s funny, isn’t it? How our motivation comes and goes. One day you wake up, jump out of bed and practically run to the gym. You smash out a PB (personal best) and walk out feeling even more motivated to crush your goal. Then, a few days later, that motivation gets lost somewhere between the mountain of paperwork on your desk and your kids pulling at your tight trousers that just don’t seem to be getting any looser. Giving up can be a pretty tempting option…

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lindy olsen, fitness model

I often hear people say how easy others have it. “I’d love to have her life,” they say. “She just gets to keep fit, travel and do photo shoots.”

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Interesting Question...

Question: What are your thoughts on PTs who get fat then cut to show how it is done? Answer I guess this is one subject i have been on both ends of the scale. I have been both larger than i wanted to be at almost 89kg and then at my last show, where i was in the best shape of my life (for comp ...

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Beware of Imposters!

It's not often that I have an opinion on our industry as I love it and the people in it. 

However, over the past 3 months I have recieved such heart renching stories from way too many people who have been told by various people in the industry that they can get them the "deals of their dreams". 



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Look what I found!

You'll never guess what I found today...

I haven't even seen any of my shots from last years shoot but I found these and just LOVED them!  Elisabetta's new collection is out, so make sure you go have a look see!! 

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What a day!

I had to share this with everyone because there are so many people out there that really have no idea what goes on with us on a day to day basis.  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE what I do, but there are some days where you just think.. far out... when will I get to chill!!

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10 Weeks and Lovin it!!

t's been a big week and it seems as though everything was due all in this one week!  We delivered a major website this week, provided all the production for a new commercial (we are shooting soon) got a new playtoy (for Dallas - who else!!) had an Oxygen Editorial Deadline and on top of all that, got my training, nutrition and cardio all in. 

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Fuel yourself EVERY day with new motivation and GO FOR IT!!

Are you lacking motivation, then you've GOT to watch this!

Enjoy! xx

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12 Weeks and counting!

After competing so many times, I am starting to get a little nervous at this point.  My body hasn't been playing ball with me lately and my skins have stalled a little. :(  However, i'm not one to give up, so i am just doing everything that i can 100% and that's all i can ask.

Now that i'm not travelling from now until November (when we go to the USA) I'm hoping that my routine will help my body understand who is boss!!! lol...

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