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    You have been an inspiration for me. I am also trying my best to lose the weight and look more fit than...

    --Sonya Ross


    For this person to make sure they best slimming belt were in the ideal ‘fat-burning’ zone, they would...

    --BobbyM BobbynM

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    How do I get on the paid blog??


  4. Re: So you want to compete?

    Hey Abigail,This blog is part of a members only package for Lindy's website members, so unless you have...


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    I am trying to access the competition blog but it keeps saying "Access Denied."Can someone help me?Thanks...


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    You got booty


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    You look awsome! I love these outfits...oh no, now there's another store to tempt me! :-D


  8. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Thank you Lindy for this post! For many years, I have been interested in becoming a sponsored figure...


  9. Re: Beware of Imposters!

    Exactly babe! Couldn't agree more!

    --Lindy Olsen

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    Wow Lindy, I agree to this one most. There are a lot of things that can be of the great gap to those...

    --resume writing

No Glitz, No Glam - Just plain Lindy!

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Well we're almost there!

Hope you can join in for all the updates and news from the ANB world discovery tour!  See you there!! xx

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4 weeks... excited much!!

Well it's officially 4 weeks to go and i am starting to get really excited!  My only goal is to be in better shape than I have ever been (not much of a goal and if I can do that, I'll be one happy chicky. 

At this point after 8 years of competing, anything more than that is an absolute bonus!  I actually think I qualify for the masters category (over 35) this year, but I'm hell bent on doing the open and that's what I'm doing come rain hail or shine! 

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5 Weeks... Just around the corner!!

Well I am finally starting to feel like a figure chic once again!  lol... it's taken long enough.. i've increased my cardio this week to help move a little more of this stubborn bodyfat, so hopefully when the big fella gets home from Vegas this week, I'll have some decent drops in my mls!

i couldn't really measure them properly on Saturday, its better if one person does them as you can get different readings when different people do them.. Dallas had a crack and i had put on  5mm so I knew something wasn't right... as i've followed my plan to the letter and i feel leaner not softer!!

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7 weeks and its slow going!

Well the verdict is in and i've dropped another 1.5ml.  I was hoping for heaps more but hey, beggars can't be choosers!  At least I didn't go backwards!  So, where does that leave me?  I'm still on track so just need a couple of good weeks and things will be a little easier but hey, I'm not complaining, I could have gone up rather than down, so at least I'm heading in the right direction.

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New Athlete Sponsorship - Power Balance

Lindy has just signed with Power Balance and is excited about her new partnership and is looking forward to competing in November with Power Balance on board. "I must admit when I first heard about the Power Balance bands I was a bit skeptical!  Things have certainly changed andI have been wea ...

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8 weeks - It's going so fast!

Far out, where do the weeks go!  It seems like ages ago I started my comp prep and its coming up so quickkly, it's a little scary (in a good way of course).

After I vowed and declared I would not be travelling at all from 12 weeks out, i had to travel to Sydney on Thursday morning (early) unexpectedly.

So.... to give you the rundown...  here's how it went.....

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9 weeks and the countdown continues!

Oh my, only 9 weeks to go and I need a few good drops to help me along a bit.  So, I need to make sure I get all my food in at the correct times, get all my water in, get my supps in, and make sure I get my sleep.  All things considered, I can still improve in all these areas, so i am hoping that if I get it right each day, then the results will show.

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10 Weeks and Lovin it!!

t's been a big week and it seems as though everything was due all in this one week!  We delivered a major website this week, provided all the production for a new commercial (we are shooting soon) got a new playtoy (for Dallas - who else!!) had an Oxygen Editorial Deadline and on top of all that, got my training, nutrition and cardio all in. 

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Fuel yourself EVERY day with new motivation and GO FOR IT!!

Are you lacking motivation, then you've GOT to watch this!

Enjoy! xx

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11 weeks and counting!

I went down to the Gold Coast again today as part of my weekly ritual, and got my skins done as normal.  You guessed it, I'm a happy camper, I dropped 4ml's and I'm wrapped.  Just have to make sure I get everything done each day that I have to do and hopefully these sorts of drops will continue!  it just goes to show,

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